How to design the perfect sofa

We get a lot of questions from customers about what makes a sofa comfortable and uncomfortable. We’ve included here some design resources to help understand how to design the perfect sofa. Use these design resources as a guide whether you’re looking to build a new piece or understand what can be done to make your sofa more comfortable. If you need additional information, contact us. Our designers will help you decide how best to engineer your custom sofa so it not only looks great, but feels amazing. If you’re paying for custom furniture, why settle for anything less than the best quality sofa or chair available to you.

Here are some basic dimensions for a sofa. You’ll need to understand these in order to build this to your perfect size and specifications. Wild Willow Bespoke Furniture created these images and the design resources. For further information about each measurement, see their design resources page. Most builders will use these same terms.

Don’t worry if you already have a sofa (chair, sectional, etc) that is uncomfortable and aren’t ready to buy a new one. Used appropriately, you can extend the life of your upholstery with different (or new) cushion fill, pillows, etc. There are also half-way steps possible to modify your sofa without completely tearing it apart.

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Millions of fabric options

If you’ve been to our showroom, you know just how many samples we carry at any given time. What you may not know is that we also have access to millions of fabrics, many of which we don’t carry physical samples for.

velvet samples

If you are thinking about bringing your own fabric for reupholstery, talk to us first. We may be able to get the same fabric for less money and, bonus, when you purchase fabric through us, you get a discount on the labor cost. We encourage our customers to take home some samples to confirm how it looks in your lighting, in your space. Click here for a free quote

Whether you’re looking for velvet, mohair, chenille, vinyl, leather, outdoor, microfiber, traditional weaves, boucles, herringbones, patterns, sateens, embroideries, or almost any other style, we probably have what you are looking for.

We carry the following brands (those w/ physical samples highlighted):

Indoor FabricsLeatherVinylOutdoor
DonghiaGarrettLexiAnna Elizabeth
JF FabricsCharlotteMitchellKravet
GPJ BakerCarrollMaterial Works
Anna ElizabethMoore & Giles
Lee Jofa
Avant Garde
Cowtan & Tout
De Leo
Latimer Alexander
JB Martin
Ralph Lauren
S. Harris
Material Works
fabrics samples

Custom ottoman replica

Can you build me a custom ottoman?

We get the question a lot if we can replicate a product from another vendor. The answer is almost always yes, we can replicate it and we can do it more affordably and customize the details.

Recently we’ve had two customers come in looking for the Lee 9562-90 ottoman (which Lee Industries has discontinued). Having done custom work now for 40 years, we have no problem replicating that ottoman. Both customers wanted them slightly different sizes and fabrics and they turned out beautiful.

custom ottoman
Lee 9562-90 replica

We can replicate sofas or sectionals from Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Bernhardt, and any other fine furniture maker. We can build anything from a high quality, but value sofa to sofas with all the best materials. We measure the life of our frames in generations, not months as some do.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, let us give you a free quote. After comparing prices, quality, and service, we’re confident you’ll want to work with us.

Who is that?

You may drive past our factory/showroom every day when you head northbound on I-15 through Sandy/Midvale, but do you know who we are or what we do?

Sofa Biz offers both reupholstery services as well as custom furniture design and manufacturing. If you are in the market for new furniture, why go buy something when you can create something unique to yourself and your home. Not only will you walk away with an amazing piece of furniture that will last decades, but you’ll have that sense of satisfaction each time you look at your unique custom sofa or sectional.

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view of Sofa Biz from I-15 Northbound at 8500 S (right at border of Sandy and Midvale).

Privacy Policy

We collect contact information in our quote forms. Data collected in these forms will be used only for official company business. This includes communicating information to customers and potential customers regarding their quote request. It may also be used to follow up on previous requests.

No data collected from our customers will ever be shared with third parties.

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Overstock settee

Our craftsman have created this beautiful settee with the same high standards we put into all our work. The frame and webbing comes with our standard Sofa Biz guarantee: if it breaks within 20 years, bring it back and we’ll fix it for free. Whether you are looking for your office or for a more formal room in your home, this piece is one that everyone will be commenting on.

Give us a call if you are interested to see the settee. 801-984-2030

Looking for design tips?

Sofa Biz was recently included in a Redfin article regarding design ideas.

“Neutral colors abound in every retail store so you have plenty of options to choose from if that is your preference, and they are great if you want to de-emphasize your furniture. We believe you shouldn’t have to draw attention away from your furniture. For those who want a conversation piece in addition to a comfortable place to fall into at the end of a long day, you may need something different. Go for color or bolder patterns to bring your personal design to life. Custom furniture shops can offer thousands of color and pattern options to choose from and you will have furniture that not only fits your space perfectly, but also fits your personal style and flare.”

Read the full article and find more design tips on Redfin.

We choose Sofa Biz!

This heirloom piece got mom a little misty.
We had two heirloom chairs that have been our family for years reupholstered by Sofa Biz. They came back looking so beautiful! When my mother saw them she became teary-eyed and was just elated with how beautiful the chairs were. Also, the dining chairs we had covered and refurbished came out amazing also. Thank you for applying your skill restoring our nostalgic family chairs.
Sofa Biz Chair
This heirloom piece got mom a little misty.MeredithProvo
This sectional came back so beautiful.
We had a 3 piece sectional reupholstered by Sofa Biz, and the dated lavender floral pattern seemed to make it look old-fashioned. But when it came back with a new fabric of a new color it was just beautiful.  
This sectional came back so beautiful.S. F.West Valley City
Thank you for your excellent customer service
Thank you David (of Sofa Biz) for your great customer service! I love the sofa and although I may never know what caused the marks on the cushions, I am so grateful I had you reupholster! You are a great asset to Sofa Biz!
Thank you for your excellent customer serviceShelleyUtah
Superb workmanship
You guys just completed the job on my 6 cushions that I wanted re-foamed and wrapped. Superb workmanship, timely delivery, and easy to do business with. You put new life back into our 20 year old sectional, and we couldn’t be more pleased. You have my recommendation to anyone I talk with. It’s good to find local businesses still doing it the old fashioned way, caring for the customer. Thanks.
Sofa Biz
Sofa Biz
Superb workmanshipDouglasTaylorsville
I tell everyone how great Sofa Biz is
I just wanted to thank you very very much for all the effort to replace the back pillow on my chair, and recover the old one as well. I am very happy with the “new” chair, and I will be back for more. Thanks for going the extra mile. Most people don’t these days.
I tell everyone how great Sofa Biz isSuzeSalt Lake City
Your workmanship is exquisite
I am so happy with the work you have done to bring my sofa with a new style, fabric and cushions. I am so pleased.
Your workmanship is exquisiteKathySalt Lake City
Your workmanship is top of the line and it was pleasure to work with Sofa Biz. The materials are top quality and we are just delighted with the Sofa, Loveseat and Chair!
AMAZING!RuthSalt Lake City
Number "One" for sure
Sofa Biz did a fabulous job recovering my chair and ottoman. You certainly went the extra mile to assure perfection. I would hire you again in a minute. This my third covering with you, and I have been happy every time. Thank you so much.  
Number "One" for sureDoloresTaylorsville
Your work is better than perfect!
My conference chairs were recovered in leather by Sofa Biz and they are absolutely fabulous! They are beautiful and turned out better than I ever expected.
Your work is better than perfect!TamaraMount Olympus TitleSalt Lake
Wow! This store makes the most beautiful couches I have ever seen.
The owner has some of the most lovely couches on display with leather and fabric on display on his show room floor. They can make custom made couches and seats for you. This is how to get furniture that does not look like your neighbors!
Wow! This store makes the most beautiful couches I have ever seen.MiriamSalt Lake